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What is consignment sales you ask. 

It is an easy no hassle way to sell your vehicle and get more than you would on a trade-in or private sale. 

Why use us to sell your vehicle ?

  *​ We inspect it to be sure it is safe and presentable. We put it on our lot, keep it presentable so that it will be properly exposed to thousands of cars passing by every day.

  * We list (with pictures) and update regularly on our website and facebook page as well as 5 or more other car sale websites. This gives exposure to car buyers locally and all over the United States.

  * We handle all calls, internet, text, personal inquires including the people just "shopping" and those annoying fake inquiries plus test drives.

  * We will handle the transaction (including the dreaded sometimes unpleasant price negotiations).

  * We handle the paperwork, cash/check acceptance, title transfer and license plates. ( since we have a license).

How does it work you ask.

  1. You bring in your clean insured vehicle ready to sell.

      We will need-

        a. clear title

        b. current registration

        c. keys (2 sets help the sale) and any books or

           paperwork you have 

  2. We will help you establish how much you need you are willing to accept after the sale. It is then up to us to sell it for enough to cover our expenses.

  3.  If it does not sell in a period of time, we will contact you to adjust the amount you will accept.

  4.  We will contact you if we have an offer that is reasonable to see if it is acceptable or not.

  5.  After the vehicle sells we willhand you a check.